About Us

Who we are...

Professionals dedicated to personal service with a clear focus on providing environmentally-friendly, cost-effective solutions for our valued clients.

What we can do for you...

We can assist with your project from the earliest planning stages through the final design phase.

Why choose White Engineering, Inc...

Because every project receives personalized attention from one of our talented and highly experienced project managers.

        White Engineering, Inc., a veteran-owned business, was founded on November 1, 1993, by Marshall P. White, P.E., in order to provide comprehensive Civil and Environmental Engineering services to a diverse client population located in Western New England.   The firm was originally established upon the expertise and technical qualifications of Marshall White, who brings to the firm a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering as well as a registration as a Professional Engineer in the Civil Engineering field.  He has over 39 years of engineering and management experience.  For the last 30 years, Mr. White’s professional practice has been spent in Berkshire County, Massachusetts, where he has gained extensive experience in the design and construction components of the engineering field.

        Mr.  Brent White has a Master's Degree in Civil Engineering and is licensed in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, and Vermont.  He is also a registered Soil Evaluator in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

        White Engineering, Inc., provides a broad range of engineering and consulting services to its clients.  These services range from the earliest planning stages of a project, through the preliminary design phase, and continue through the cost estimating and final design preparation phases.  In addition, the services we offer also include those related to securing necessary permits through any of the various local, state, and federal regulatory agencies. 

        Once a project has been designed and all necessary permits have been acquired, White Engineering, Inc., stands ready to provide its clients with ongoing support services such as: soliciting bids from contractors, selecting a highly qualified and reputable contractor, and supervising the construction of the project on behalf of the client to ensure that all work that is performed conforms strictly to the approved plans and specifications.  The firm has gained an extensive working knowledge of pertinent environmental and other regulations which may impact many projects in Berkshire and surrounding counties.  Through many years of working with the various regulatory bodies, we have gained the insight to be able to advise clients regarding which options may and may not be permitted in any given situation.

        White Engineering, Inc., is a fully computerized operation from CAD drafting and design components through other necessary and state-of-the-art computer programs utilized in data analysis and design.  Our topographic surveying capabilities include the use of state-of-the-art electronic measuring and data collection instrumentation. Instrumentation that is utilized in the field dovetails nicely with our CAD software for efficient and effective processing of all field data that is collected. 

        In addition, the office administrative and business management components of the operation are fully computerized.  Our technological capabilities enable us to fully respond to the needs of our clients in a timely manner.